What is vigorous 75

Vigorous-75 workout programs are designed to not only build the strength and physique needed to realize your potential but challenge you each and every time and push you to your warrior limit to achieve your best performance and fitness goals.

We at Vigorous 75 took the proven methods of cross training techniques combined with our athletic and coaching backgrounds to forge the best training programming that can be performed anywhere, at any time to improve your overall fitness and physique.

With Vigorous 75 training, you will be one step closer to living your life without any limitations with a more healthy and strong physique you’ve always wanted.

If you want to unleash your inner warrior, build a strong, solid body frame, and finally shed that extra weight…then it’s time to join the Vigorous 75  Warriors Community and get start hitting back!

★ Just try it! 14-Day Money Back Guarantee. No Questions Asked. ★



The Vigorous-75 workouts are being published daily on our Private Facebook group making viewing workouts simple from your phone! Ability to connect with the Vigorous-75 Community, record and track results as well as compare scores with other Vigorous-75 Members.

You will also get direct access for personal approach, tips and programming by the Vigorous-75 Coaches Raph, Rita & Roi.

In addition to the Private group access, you will have access to videos that explain the workouts for each day and exercise explanatory videos to guide you through step-by-step for better performance.


We all need to perform at the highest physical levels possible, whether you’re in to Combat sports, Obstacle racing, Cycling, Mountain hiking or just a regular family man Joe.

You must be prepared as you possibly can be. Being fit makes you better able to focus on higher level tasks, run faster, hit harder and climb higher!

Vigorous-75 Programming is designed to give you a new full body workout each day, that can be performed anywhere at anytime! While burning a ton of calories and increasing your metabolism. Your body will get stronger without spending countless hours doing the same routine at the Gym!



Sample Workouts

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