🏆Hello our beloved Vigorous-75 Community!
All you have to do is to finish the workout as fast as possible, Upload the video of your workout to the comments bellow and the one who completes the workout the fastest gets the prize!

013119 Today’s workout is –

For Time: [TIME CAP: 15 minutes]* 100 Push-ups
* 20 Air-Squats Every time you rest

For Time:
* 50 Push-ups
* 10 Air-Squats Every time you rest

Push ups – Keep your body straight and abs engaged, go 
down to 90 degrees at the elbows and all the way up.
Air-Squats – Go down to a full squat, hip crease below the 
knee, and stand all the way up.

🏆On 08/02/19 we will announce 1 woman💃 and 1 man🕺 as a winners of this challenge.
Let’s see how fast you can do it 💪😏