Hello Vigorous-75 Community!  What’s up, guys? Who is ready to take a break from your crazy week and boost your energy levels?? What are you waiting for? Let’s workout! ðŸ˜ƒ111218 Today’s workout is –
20 MINUTES AMRAP: * 10 Dumbbell Push Press * 5 Handstand Push ups * 10 Overhead Lunges (5 Each Hand)Scaled Workout: 20 MINUTES AMRAP: * 10 Dumbbell Press * 5 Push ups * 10 Lunges (5 Each Hand)Recommended Weight – 
♂ Men: 22kg / 50Lbs ♀ Women: 15kg / 35 LbsImportant Pointers for the workout! ✔ Dumbbell Push Press – go down slowly and up fast, use your legs as much as possible ✔ Handstand Push ups – kick up with your legs, lock your elbows ✔ Overhead Lunges – keep your abs tight and go down slowly♛ Post your best time for this workout in the comments below and don’t forget to add your score in the Wodify App.All set? Lets go!