Why Vigorous-75 workouts?

All it takes is just 75 minutes per week to improve your physique and boost your energy levels.

Although not everyone has time to go to the gym every day or wishes to be a great athlete, most people still wish to have a ripped, athletic-looking body and to live a healthy life.

It doesn’t matter what kind of lifestyle you have, whether you are a family man or a lone wolf, you still have to overcome daily physical obstacles which would be easier with an improved physical physique.

We’re not talking about hard labor, either. Even simple tasks like playing with your kids, carrying groceries from your car, or just having sex require your physical effort.


Leading health authorities such as the Center for Disease Control and the American Heart Association recommend a weekly amount of moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise needed to maintain health and reduce health risks. They recommend performing vigorous-intensity exercise for 25 minutes a day, three days a week, for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes per week (75 minutes)—hence, the name Vigorous 75. Vigorous-intensity exercise can be alternated with moderate-intensity exercise to achieve your goals of reducing health risks and maintaining fitness.

Most activities have a mix of easy, moderate, and vigorous intensity. A mixture of moderate-to-vigorous intensity activity for 40 minutes at a time, three or four days per week is recommended to lower blood pressure and cholesterol by the American Heart Association.

These guidelines are the minimum for maintaining good physical health.
You can use a smart watch or any activity monitor to help you estimate the time you spend in moderate-to-vigorous physical activity so you can be more assured that you are meeting the minimum recommendations.


We at Vigorous 75 took the proven methods of cross training techniques combined with our athletic and coaching backgrounds to forge the best training programming that can be performed anywhere at any time. Vigorous 75 is designed to help you to improve your overall fitness and physique and to get you one step closer to living a more healthy life.

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