The Minimalism of fitness

Let’s talk Minimalism, We’ve all heard about the latest minimalist lifestyle trends From the simple things as Project 333 (33 Items of clothing for 3 Months) and to the countless amounts of “My minimalist apartment” videos on youtube and of course the popular documentary “Minimalism” by Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus.

While many assume a minimalist lifestyle automatically entails having fewer material possessions and decreased commercial consumption, there’s much more to the concept. In truth, minimalism varies from person to person, but it always involves a common thread of consciously eliminating excesses to focus on what’s most important.

How does it all translates into our fitness lifestyle and workout routines?

Minimalism in Workouts-

For decades the popular belief was that in order to get a Strong, fit and healthy physique,

You have to spend countless hours at the gym.

But not everyone can dedicate themselves to lengthy gym workouts five to six times a week. Full-time work schedules and family responsibilities take priority, and when this is the case, exercising is all about maximizing the effectiveness with what time you do have.

As it turns out, less could very well be more.

Minimalist workout equipment-

That is the best part of Minimalist workouts, all you need is a Dumbbell, A jumping rope and maybe a yoga mat, THAT’S ALL!

We design our workouts to be performed with a 50lbs (22.5kg) Dumbbell for men and 35lbs (15kg) for women, but you can go lower or higher than that depending on your fitness level.

With only 3 accessories for a complete short and vigorous workout, you will be able to perform it anywhere at anytime, Get in, get out, and get the results!

Minimalist workout exercises –

Our minimalist workouts, designed to be short and simple, usually consist of a few full body exercises which you perform can anywhere, using only your body weight for resistance or as we said a dumbbell and a jumping rope.

We design each workout to target most of your muscles and maximise the time you spend working out.

Each day you’ll get a new workout to your phone via the Wodify app and a Video demonstration of the workout and its pointers.

Each workout is designed to compliment the workout you’ve done a day before and the workout will perform the they after, in one week’s of work (75 Minutes of workout in total)

You will work all of the muscles in your body and burn a whole lot of calories!

So now that you’ve found that the Minimalist workout approach is exactly what you need, you’re welcome to check out one of our workouts:

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