Vigorous75 was founded by Raph Crimson, Rita Zinger and Roi Schik.

 For the past 16 years, we at Vigorous 75 have never missed more than a week of workouts. However, we know all too well what it’s like to try to get fit and stay fit with the competing needs of family, work and your busy schedule. We can help you to achieve and maintain your fitness goals.

Together we, the founders of Vigorous 75, created the idea of bringing to you the best full body workouts which you can perform anywhere, at any time that suits you.


Leading health authorities such as the Centers for Disease Control and the American Heart Association recommend a weekly amount of moderate-to-vigorous intensity exercise needed to maintain health and reduce health risks. They recommend performing vigorous-intensity exercise for 25 minutes a day, three days a week, for a total of 1 hour and 15 minutes per week (75 minutes)—hence, the name Vigorous 75. Vigorous-intensity exercise can be alternated with moderate-intensity exercise to achieve your goals of reducing health risks and maintaining fitness.

Raph Crimson
Athlete / Visual content creator

Gym rat for 16 years, Crossfit athlete for 2 years. A beast not only with a Barbell but with a Camera as well!.
Favorite exercises Deadlift and Bench press. Pizza all the way all day!

Rita Zinger
Athlete / Marketing Director

Fitness addict for 15 years, Crossfit athlete for 2 years. If not training, can be found working her magic on social media platforms, some say she is even Facebook Wizard.
Favorite exercises squat and pull ups. Preferable cheat meal – pizza.

Roi Shick
Head Coach

Owner of Crossfit Tzafon, Crossfit Level 2 Coach, Weight Lifting coach and Certified Gym Instructor. Dedicating his life to his soul passion that is Training athletes to achieve their highs potential

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